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Prairie’s Edge – Lake Michigan Living Redefined

Black Cap Halcyon is quickly approaching ground breaking on Prairie’s Edge – a multi-phase, mixed-use master planned development 95 feet above the shores of Lake Michigan in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Prairie’s Edge is designed to be an “amenity rich” community for residents who value an active, care-free lifestyle. Upon completion, the community will include approximately 34 single-family detached cottages, 16 detached pocket neighborhood homes, 24 townhomes, 156 Class A apartments and approximately 39,000 sq. ft of commercial space. All homes and buildings will feature energy efficient designs.

The community, including snow removal, trash/recycling, and landscaping, will be professionally managed through a Master Association. Prairie’s Edge will also feature ample preservation of green space and is walking distance from the marina and commercial retail district of Port Washington.

In addition to discarding any worries about snow removal or landscaping maintenance, residents will enjoy access to the planned 6,000+ square foot community clubhouse that overlooks Lake Michigan. The planned clubhouse features a demonstration kitchen with available cooking classes and private event options, a lap pool, golf simulator, outdoor patio and grilling area, and more.  Also included in the Master Association dues* is access to an onsite full-service health club. The health club will include a full range of cardio, flexibility, and strength training equipment, individual and group training options, yoga, personal training, physical therapy and massage therapy options.

For more information go to our website at or call us at 414-331-6769. 

*Master Association dues will be $2,500 annually for homeowners. Some community clubhouse and health club services will require additional fees.

About Us, Our Name and Logo

Black Cap Halcyon” symbolizes, peace, tranquility and prosperity.

Black Cap Halcyon is a bird – also known as a kingfisher – which, according to legend, has the power to calm the winds and stormy seas so as to safely nest around the time of the winter solstice when nights are longest and daylight most limited. Black Cap Halcyon understands that markets and the world in which we live are stormy by nature. We seek to navigate them and create tranquility as we protect our investors’ nest eggs for future generations. We know that knowledge – light – is precious. 

Together, our Rock and Bird logo and the Black Cap Halcyon name embody our view of life and investing. The Rock – the bedrock on which we build – is our anchor. It is representative of the conviction of our values. And, its permanence is the fundamental building block of real estate. The Bird is our aspiration, and symbolic of the human spirit, soaring above the tumult while gazing at broader horizons beyond the view of most.  

Though it may seem impossible to hold back the winds, calm the stormy seas and build something better for future generations, legend reminds us that it can be done. At Black Cap Halcyon, we believe our success is measured in our day-to-day striving. And that excellence is an ongoing pursuit.



What Makes Black Cap Halcyon Different?


Black Cap Halcyon offers institutional expertise and strategic direction in a nimble and entrepreneurial format.


We take a long-term perspective to maximize the value of investments over multiple cycles.


We own and operate each property directly on behalf of its core investor group, thus exerting direct control over the asset performance.


Our investments are not purely discretionary to the sponsor or management team; we welcome active engagement by our core investors.


Our Approach

At Black Cap Halcyon our investment strategies are designed to achieve accretive, risk-adjusted returns over long horizons that are likely to include one or more full cycles.