Why We Are Unique

Our Competitive Edge

  • At Black Cap Halcyon, we value open dialogue and rigorous debate. Our team approach fosters robust discussions about each opportunity and our ongoing strategic and tactical work.  
  • Black Cap Halcyon offers institutional expertise and strategic direction in a nimble and entrepreneurial format.
  • Black Cap Halcyon takes a long-term perspective to maximize the value of its investments over multiple cycles.
  • Black Cap Halcyon employs investment strategies that capitalize on specific nuances of each market and property type, and are consistent with each phase of the economic and real estate cycle.
  • Black Cap Halcyon owns and operates each property directly, thus exerting direct influence and control over the asset performance.
  • Black Cap Halcyon aligns our interests with those of our limited investors on each individual investment opportunity.
  • Black Cap Halcyon positively contributes to our communities through active involvement and investment in the cities in which we – and our investors – live and work.