Who we are

Our Philosphy and Core Principles

At Black Cap Halcyon, we believe that real estate belongs in any sound investment portfolio. We value this unique asset class for its income generating capacity, its usefulness as an inflation hedge and its real tangibility in times of uncertainty and risk.

Many commercial real estate investors would be satisfied if their assets repeatedly delivered on just these metrics. However, at BCH we expect this asset class to return much more to our investors and partners.

At Black Cap Halcyon, we look well beyond the conventional view of real estate as an asset class. We recognize real estate as the most tangible and permanent of assets in a portfolio, and we also prize the sense of place and community that real estate brings to our lives, and the daily living that it supports. Anchored in bedrock, it is the most permanent of assets and it provides the foundation of the places we live. Real estate consists of the scarcest and most irreplaceable of assets – land and time – shaped by the spirit of humankind in its aspirations for something greater, a higher achievement. In so doing, and as a microcosm of larger society, it requires the collaboration of multiple disciplines of study, innovation and intellectual pursuits.

Architecture, art, community development, economics, engineering, finance, geology, government, law, mathematics, physics, politics, public affairs, sociology, urban planning and many other academic pursuits all combine to create a successful real estate investment. This is what we believe.

Real estate is an integral aspect of our lives. It’s virtually the only investment that we “live” every day – where we wake up, where we shop, where we work. As such, real estate connects us all. And we believe connection is the highest pursuit of life, the human dimension that defines great real estate and, subsequently, great real estate investments.

Our experience is rooted in making investments in institutional quality assets for long-term holding periods in our portfolios. We understand the importance of looking through the cycle and of going into investments with eyes wide open where, unlike other investment vehicles, risks are retained on our balance sheet over a long holding period. Thus, we strive to maximize value over time and employ patient capital, not hot money-seeking quick returns on momentum plays.

Our Core Principles

Underlying and guiding all we do are the following core principles:

  • Critical analysis
  • Open and honest dialogue
  • Robust debate
  • Collegiality
  • Common trust
  • Goodwill
  • Sense of community
  • Pursuit of excellence, not perfection



Why did you decide to form this company? And, why now?

We founded Black Cap Halcyon with an eye to building and growing a company and culture consistent with the values of our founder, senior management and like-minded investors. We believe in open dialogue and debate, the balance between experienced intuition and cold logical analysis and the importance of contributing back to the places we live and work. We believe that all sound investment portfolios need private assets and, among private assets, we believe commercial real estate has certain attributes that make it uniquely attractive. As experienced professionals who have witnessed several economic and investment cycles, we recognize the importance of taking a long-term view of investing, consistent and disciplined underwriting and prudent risk management practices. We recognize that the “easy” money is best made at times of distress and the need to be well established and positioned to capitalize on those opportunities before they come about. We believe the time is now to place ourselves in a strong position to build wealth for our investors for the turbulence that inevitably lies ahead.

Is now a good time to be investing in commercial real estate?

We believe that each opportunity must be evaluated on the merits and nuances specific to it, including its timing. Each market, submarket and individual asset has its own unique investment life cycle. As experienced investors, we know that opportunity exists in each stage of the investment cycle. We intend to invest on a highly selective basis over the near term while positioning ourselves for bigger opportunities that are certain to arise with the next downturn.

What is the track record and experience level of your team members?

At Black Cap Halcyon, we value diversity in all its forms. We are building a team that reflects that value and our commitment to it. Presently, we have seven employee-partners in the company. Collectively, the group has more than 140 years of professional experience, with more than 20 years per person on average and none less than 10 years. During their professional careers, team members have held leadership positions in a beneficial mix of Fortune 150 companies, financial institutions, nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurial startup ventures. In addition, every member of the senior management team holds at least one graduate degree in one field study directly relevant to the core mission of Black Cap Halcyon. The academic and professional backgrounds provide depth at core functional positions including strategic vision and leadership, operations, finance, accounting, law, marketing, communications, public relations and engineering. The team is a diverse but cohesive mix of professionals with a drive and passion for delivering excellent results.

Where can I get information about investing in Black Cap Halcyon?

Our business plan and additional information regarding offerings of debt or equity will only be made available to qualified accredited investors. Interested parties should contact us at contact.us@blackcaphalcyon.com

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