Investment Approach

Our Values and Process

We continuously challenge assumptions and accepted wisdom to make sure our work product reflects reality rather than wishful thinking.”

Every investment begins with a story, which is a balance between quality and quantity. We value sustained fundamental analysis rather than snapshot technical analysis. While deeply analytical and quantitative, we appreciate mathematics as an art that can model and explain reality – not one that defines it. We are both intuitive and data driven, valuing both qualitative and quantitative methods. This synthesis – the union of logic and professional intuition – informs and guides our work.

At Black Cap Halcyon our investment process can best be summarized as the “10 Ds:”

  • Defining the situation
  • Deductive analysis
  • Dialogue
  • Debate
  • Data analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Decisiveness
  • Driving results
  • Delivering what we promise
  • Doing it again

Finance is the allocation of scarce resources over time. Thus, in the purest sense, investments connect generations. This belief underpins our efforts at Black Cap Halcyon, where we take the long view. Accordingly, we believe more in underlying fundamental analysis than in snapshot technical analysis.

We believe in qualitative analysis as well as measurable, scientific study. We value collective and tacit knowledge equally with definable, explicit knowledge. We strive for singularity – in the union of logic and inspiration – in our work, in our lives and in the places we live.

At Black Cap Halcyon, we also recognize the importance of certainty of execution and delivering on anticipated results. Our senior team remains fully engaged with each asset and each solution from cradle to grave to drive results until we deliver on our promise.